We are open! We also expanded our menu! Arizona’s only Cambodian restaurant, we pride ourselves on great prices, fresh food, and a unique experience that will have you wanting to come back again!


“There’s history in the name!  The origins of the restaurant name actually comes from a song that I was inspired by titled “Reathrey Sekong”.  Sung by Houy Meas, a famous female Cambodian singer from the 1960′s, “Reathrey Sekong” litterally means “Sekong By Night” and it depicts the story of a beautiful girl anxiously awaiting her loved one to return, one night on the banks of the Sekong River in northern Cambodia.  Just as how she is awaiting for her loved one to return, all of us here at Reathrey Sekong, await to serve you a taste of Cambodia right here in Phoenix, Arizona!”  -Yut In, Owner